Student Training in Missions

"Be ready to never be the same."
-Ixchel, STiM 2013

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STiM disciples you in missional living and sends you on a summer program.

Are you ready to grow in your discipleship of Jesus? In your cultural, emotional, and spiritual maturity? Would you like to discover with us how to build relationships of trust across cultures? Would you like to be equipped as a global Christian, ready to know and love and serve our global God? Then consider STiM.

STiM is a training-intensive designed by missionaries and IV staff to disciple students in missional living. In the short-term, the cross-cultural training, immersive simulations, Biblical teaching, and deep community will equip you to thrive during your summer program. Long-term, you'll find that STiM aligns your whole self, from life-goals to daily habits, with the Father's mission.

STiM includes four weekends of training and a 4-8 week summer program. 

When you apply and are accepted to the STiM program we will place you on a summer program like the San Antonio Urban Program, the Global Urban Trek, and Kenya Global Project.

Considering STiM? Watch this!

2019 Weekends

  • STiM 1: Feb 15-17th

  • STiM 2: Mar 29-31st

  • STiM 3: Apr 26-28th

  • STiM 4: TBD


  • Early Application ($25) Nov 11, 2018

  • Regular Application ($25) Dec 7, 2018

  • Final Deadline ($25) Jan 18, 2019