World Student Day 2016

World Student Day is an annual celebration of all that God is doing, through IFES, among students around the world. On World Student Day, students, staff and supporters pray for one another and for specific situations facing students around the world.

This year's World Student Day will take place on Friday October 21. Will you join us to pray for students from every nation?

Vision and Ideas


Small Group

Prayer Meeting

  • WSD 30-minute Prayer Guide
    Consider hosting your prayer meeting on Friday.

Large Group


  • Introduction to IFES and World Student Day (Video)

Prayer (pick 2-4)

  • Praying for UESI in Delhi (slide)
  • Praying for IFES in L-town, China (slide)
  • Praying for _______ (prepare your own from IFES Prayer Cards!)


  • STiM/Missions Testimony (5 minutes) "How participating in missions affected my discipleship of Jesus." [Contact your InterVarsity staff if you don't have a STiMer in your fellowship. We may be able to find an alumnus in your area.]
  • Invitation for students to apply for STiM 17 VIDEO / SLIDE

Introducing World Student Day

Quick Facts

Missions' Focus Week Oct 12-16th
World Student Day is FridayOct 16th

About IFES

IFES is the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students. A community of national student movements, like InterVarsity, engaging the university with the good news of Jesus.