University of Texas at Dallas

Dallas, TX

University of Texas at Dallas has over 24,000 students on campus. Attendance is growing every year, as students from all over the world enroll -- from India, China, Taiwan, South Korea, and many more places! The campus has a vibrant, commuter student life with over 250 student organizations. The student population is extremely diverse with White-American (33%), International (24%), Asian (20%), Hispanic (13%), African-American (5%).

InterVarsity at University of Texas at Dallas was started 9 years ago – it is a thriving chapter that has been growing every year. Currently, there are over 150 students involved in four different chapters! 1) Multiethnic InterVarsity, 2) South Asian InterVarsity, 3) International Student InterVarsity, and 4) LaFe InterVarsity. Exciting times on campus!

InterVarsity at University of Texas at Dallas has the potential to be an epicenter of multiplicative, multiethnic ministry. There are numerous pockets of campus that are still not being reached. Currently, Lisa Jacob is serving as the sole Campus Staff Member. She would love to build a strong team on campus! Join us! Help us reach more students at this strategic campus for God’s Kingdom! 

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