Meet Our Staff


Patrick Farris

Patrick is entering his fourth year on staff with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. He has a passion to see students transformed by the good news and teachings of Jesus Christ. Patrick wants to see students at Trinity University live out a commitment to Christ in their everyday - in their communities, dorm rooms, neighborhoods, and cities. He wants to see them seek the kingdom and change the world! He is excited to be leading communities of college students all over the city as they invite people to experience Jesus on their campus and seek to live out the gospel! 

Amanda Sturgeon

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Frank Espinoza

Frank is beginning his first year on staff with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Having recently graduated from UT Austin, Frank is excited to return to his hometown of San Antonio in order to advance God's kingdom and see the the lives of students transformed by the Gospel. He is committed to empowering students by the truth of God's Word, and longs to seem them live into the women and men God has designed them to be.