Texas Tech University

Lubbock, TX

Texas Tech University has over 35,000 students on campus. Attendance is growing every year, as more freshmen enroll into over 150 different degree programs. The campus has a vibrant student life with countless student organizations. The student population is predominantly white (63%). There is a large Hispanic/Latino student population (22%) and a growing Black and Asian American population.

InterVarsity at Texas Tech was founded in the 1940s. It is considered to be one of the earliest chapters ever founded in the Red River Region. InterVarsity’s presence on campus has waxed and waned over the decades. At one point, the chapter was extremely healthy, reaching over 120 students regularly, and had an exciting culture of missions, evangelism, and leadership. Ministry interns were sent to Texas Tech to be trained on a regular basis. It was a hub of missional activity.

However, the chapter has gone through some difficult times in the past 3 years. The chapter has shut down due to lack of staff presence. InterVarsity at Texas Tech has the potential to be one of Red River’s flagship chapters again. There are numerous pockets of campus that are not being reached. I believe Jesus wants to renew the campus through the unique lens that InterVarsity has to offer. Join us! Help us replant InterVarsity at Texas Tech!