San Antonio Urban Programs wants to see *students transformed by the Gospel, *the renewal of the university and the city though God’s plan of reconciliation and justice, and *the development of lifelong world-changers seeking God’s purposes in the world.

We help students gain God's heart for mission, in part by forming long-lasting partnerships with ministries in San Antonio working with the underprivileged. There are two programs, each with a slightly different focus, a Spring Break Plunge and a Summer Program

Quick Facts

Spring Break Plunge 2018

Estimated Cost:
$150 by Feb 17, 2018
$175 by Feb 24, 2018
(includes food, mileage reimbursement & lodging)

Dates: March 10-16, 2018

Summer Program 2018

Dates: June 13 - July 29, 2018
Support Target: $1800

SAUP Core Values

1.  Training

Learning together the about Gospel’s redemptive message personally, relationally, and systemically in our world. Students will engage topics like evangelism, spiritual disciplines, ethnic identity, poverty, and injustice through the lens of the Gospel via discussions, devotionals, testimonies, teaching, and experience in the community.

2.  Service 

Partnering with and learning from ministries in the community through increasing deep relationships.

3.  Community 

Students and staff growing together through communal spiritual disciplines, living and working in community, and learning to manage conflict.

4.  Spiritual Disciplines 

Relating with God and God’s people through worship, prayer, reflection, group process, weekly ROS, prayer partners, staff 1-on-1s, and debriefing retreats.

5.  Neighborhood/Church

Community involvement by building relationships and expanding our comfort zones through community outreach.