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Greenhouse (planting)

The Greenhouse is designed to offer students a unique coaching opportunity in their quest to start something new through InterVarsity on campus. This track will offer a high level of interactivity, creativity, and drive to inspire their efforts. You will have the opportunity to study scripture, pray, discern, and be coached on a plan to either set up partnerships or plant new things on your campus. Come join us as we desire to innovate ministry on campus with an apostolic edge.

Following Jesus

Come and walk with Jesus as a community through the first half of Mark's Gospel. Using the manuscript method, we will explore the teachings of Jesus and the profound impact he had on those he met. By the end of the week, you will grow in your love for Jesus and will walk away with new insights and practical applications about being a follower of Jesus.


[Core/Exec/Vision teams; staff approval needed]

Come with excitement and expectation that God will be advancing the Kingdom through you, your leadership team, and the fellowship! You will gain a vision for the campus and develop a strategic plan for NSO, Follow Up, and SGs. You will lead others to respond to what God is doing and you’ll learn to work together as a team. 

Small Group Leader Training

Are you ready to make an impact in people's lives, the campus, and world? Whether you call them "Community Life Groups," "Missional Discipleship Groups," or simply "Small Groups," this is the core of our ministry! It's not just leading a Bible study - it's leading a community of people being transformed by Jesus and sent on mission. You will develop the vision, skills and character you need to grow as a disciple of Jesus and a world-changer for the Kingdom!

Transforming Prayer

When we pray, God changes things. Come learn and experience how the love and power of God revealed through prayer can change you, your campus and the world. Through prayer, God shares his heart, infuses us with his passions, and invites us to participate in his purposes.

Transform your understanding of prayer—and learn to lead others in prayers which will transform your chapter.


Ministering Across Cultures

(Director Approval Required)

Are you actively seeking to join Jesus on mission this summer through an InterVarsity/church missions program? If so, the Ministering Across Cultures (MAC) Track is for you! The MAC Track will equip to you to follow Jesus and express the Gospel across cultures, both domestically and abroad. You will receive discipleship and guidance on the "God of mission", develop practical tool-sets to equip you for cross-cultural ministry, and will be empowered to follow Jesus' command to "go and make disciples of all nations" with your summer. 

To be accepted into the MAC Track, you must do TWO THINGS: 

  1. Complete your RecWeek 2018 registration
  2. Complete the "MAC Track Interest Form" linked here

Due to the MAC Track's special focus and the limited spots available, you may be asked to attend an alternative track. We are prioritizing (in the order below) students that are: 

  1. Already attending IV summer mission programs
  2. Attending an alternative summer mission program
  3. Interested in attending a summer mission program through InterVarsity this year
  4. Studying abroad or doing international ministry in the coming semester. 

We strongly encourage anyone going (or seeking to go) on a summer missions program to consider the MAC Track, as it will provide critical training for your summer program and will also uniquely equip you for a lifetime of ministering across cultures!