Roots (Old Testament)

Join us in uncovering your Roots! In this track you will find how our spiritual identity is crafted and that we are all a part of the Israelite story because we are a part of God's family. By the end of this track, you will feel connected to a greater picture that surpasses time and space. In a day where origin stories matter or finding your ancestry is important, let’s do that together in the Old Testament!

Following Jesus

Come and walk with Jesus as a community through the first half of Mark's Gospel. Using the manuscript method, we will explore the teachings of Jesus and the profound impact he had on those he met. By the end of the week, you will grow in your love for Jesus and will walk away with new insights and practical applications about being a follower of Jesus.


[Core/Exec/Vision teams; staff approval needed]

Come with excitement and expectation that God will be advancing the Kingdom through you, your leadership team, and the fellowship! You will gain a vision for the campus and develop a strategic plan for NSO, Follow Up, and SGs. You will lead others to respond to what God is doing and you’ll learn to work together as a team. 

Small Group Leader Training

Are you ready to make an impact in people's lives, the campus, and world? Whether you call them "Community Life Groups," "Missional Discipleship Groups," or simply "Small Groups," this is the core of our ministry! It's not just leading a Bible study - it's leading a community of people being transformed by Jesus and sent on mission. You will develop the vision, skills and character you need to grow as a disciple of Jesus and a world-changer for the Kingdom!

Transforming Prayer

When we pray, God changes things. Come learn and experience how the love and power of God revealed through prayer can change you, your campus and the world. Through prayer, God shares his heart, infuses us with his passions, and invites us to participate in his purposes.

Transform your understanding of prayer—and learn to lead others in prayers which will transform your chapter.


World Changers

Are you ready to grow in your discipleship with Jesus? In your cultural, emotional, and spiritual maturity? Would you like to discover with us how to build relationships of trust across cultures? Would you like to be equipped as a global Christian, ready to know and love and serve our global God? Then consider the World Changer Track at RecWeek this year.

The WCT is a intensive experience designed to disciple students in missional living. In the short-term, the cross-cultural training, immersive simulations, Biblical teaching, and deep community will equip you to thrive in life and ministry on your college campus. Long-term, you'll find that your experience in the World Changer Track aligns your whole self, from life-goals to daily habits, with the Father's mission.

We hope to make the World Changer Track a sacred space where you discover a greater sense of your calling and embrace the Lord’s global mission: whether on your campus, in your city, or across the world. Will you join us?