The Alamo City College system, which consists of five different colleges, has been a place where we have seen much fruit through a student planting model.  As these ministries have grown, there is a need to have staff serve these Community College Chapters.  Another exciting possibility of joining the San Antonio team is the opportunity not only to grow the ministries at our current community college campuses but to plant new work at the remaining three schools:  Northeast Lakeview, St. Phillips, and Palo Alto College.  All of these campus have a population of over 50% Latino students in attendance.

Currently we have work at Northwest Vista and San Antonio College.

Northwest Vista College is a campus of 15,000 students.  This mutli-ethnic chapter of 30-40 students has seen 20 students come to know to Jesus in the last 3 years since the chapter was established. 

San Antonio College is a campus of 23,000 students.  A group students transferred from NW Vista to San Antonio College a year ago.  As they transferred, they decided to begin having Bible Studies meet on campus.  This past fall there have been 25 students attending Bible Studies and many gathering to pray once a month for the campus.

Would you consider joining us to reach the 62,000 students who are in the Alamo City College System?  If you reach the campus, you will change the world!