Network Mapping

Module 2

This module will teach you and your new students how to use a tool called “Network Maps”. These maps illustrate how you and your new students are connected to places and people all over campus. Essentially, you are mapping out your relationships!Network maps help you envision the God-given potential in your campus connections. You can see where God might be calling you and your students to go next. God can start something new if you are intentional with your relationships!

Please watch the video below and use the following handouts:

Campus Assignment #2

Draw your own network map. Start with you in the middle. Draw connections to groups, places, and people on campus. Are you connected to a specific ethnic group, student organization, major, and/or greek house, etc.?

Draw those connections.Indicate on your map if people are Missional Christians (MC), Skeptics, Seekers, Leaders, etc. — by doing this you are marking which threshold people are in. This will help you see which networks are strategic in order to find partners to help you plant!

Take your map with you to campus. Ask the students that you are meeting to draw network maps with you. Ask them to pray with you. What feels like the “spiritual hotspot” on campus for that student? Ask your student to take the first step to engage these relationships!