Texas InterVarsity

We are the undergrad multi-ethnicity chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at UT Austin.


We are a multi-ethnic, inter-denominational group of people who desire to seek and know more about Jesus and how to respond to his love, grace, and truth!

We hope to provide a safe environment for people of all backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs to come and learn more about Jesus Christ, God’s word, and the Christian faith. To see students and faculty transformed, campuses renewed and world changers developed.

Small Group

A value of InterVarsity is to establish student led “witnessing communities” that seek to connect every corner of campus - whether it’s a dorm, an organization, or their athletic team - to Christ. InterVarsity small groups are weekly, student-led Bible studies aimed at gathering communities of students to form deeper friendships and practically discover what it means to follow Jesus in college.

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