InterVarsity Year

What is InterVarsity Year?

InterVarsity Year is our first year staff program to develop you as a leader and meet the growing needs of our region. You will receive intensive training, learn more about yourself and serve the 1.5 million college students in Red River. The IV year will equip you with life skills as a foundation for staff or any future vocation. 

What will I be doing?

Your priority will be to grow the ministry on your campus through student discipleship, campus witness, small groups planting, and leadership influence. You will have a trainer that is committed to helping you develop as a spiritual leader. You will also work alongside a great staff team to accomplish regional goals together. 

The InterVarsity Year program is divided into 4 quarters where you will focus on specific areas of ministry and given applicable assignments. There are also 2 gatherings a year with all the interns in the region for training. 

What did past interns learn from their experience?

Jonathan Tran, IV intern 2013

Jonathan Tran, IV intern 2013


" When I was a student at Texas A&M University, I was able to "do ministry" as a student leader in InterVarsity. In my mind, my ministry internship with InterVarsity was going to be similar to that, but it ended up being so much more. InterVarsity has helped me in expanding my vision and heart for the campus and God's mission. Take for example simple prayer meetings. As I led prayer meetings as a student, I thought I was such a prayerful person and led others well in confessing and praying for others. As I continued through my internship year, my prayers expanded in ways I didn't foresee happening. I acquired a great passion to pray for students I was meeting on campus, for people from around the world who I didn't know, and that students would join in bringing others into our Christ-loving community as they saw God at work on the campus. As my heart for prayer in all of these ways grew, I could see that the hearts of the students who joined me in praying, both individually and during meetings, were also doing so. Being able to not only see God transform the lives of students, but also making that the very reason I was on campus, was a great factor in my deciding to continue on staff." - Jonathan Tran

Application Checklist

Applications and references must be signed. Electronic signatures are acceptable on all forms [Type the full name and current zip code on the signature line]. You can download all these files at the bottom of this page. 

  • Staff Application

  • 3 reference forms - If an applicable reference is not available, try to find an equivalent substitute after approval from your staff director.

  • Ministry Partnership Development (MPD) Tool - On the “Prospects” worksheet, complete columns A, B & Q by listing between 100-200 people or groups that might support your ministry with InterVarsity.

  • Spying Out the Land Exercise - More details can be found in the packet.

  • Proof of Degree: Official or unofficial transcript, letter of completion, or photo of diploma

  • Code of Conduct: Please read and be familiar with this document

  • CSM Position Description: For your information

  • Checklist: This is for your reference

  • Please send all references and application documents to

Important Dates

  • Jan 18th - References Due

  • Jan 31st- Application and other documents due

  • February 19-20th for an interview in Houston! Please mark your calendars for these dates as these are the only interview dates we can offer. We will be in touch about the details of the interview.


By downloading these documents, you have read all the above information.