Huang River Program

The Huang River Program brings you to a large country in East Asia. After an orientation in the capital city,  your team will travel to a central city to participate in a cultural-lingual exchange program in partnership with a local university. You'll be matched with a local student, whom you'll live with in a dorm on-campus . You'll participate in and help lead a morning class on English and American culture while also learning about the national culture and history. Afternoons and evenings are spent exploring the city and surrounding region together. As you build deep cross-cultural friendships, you'll have natural opportunities to share your story, learn someone else's, and talk about the deepest parts of life.

Prepare yourself for a fun but intense and immersive experience in another culture. For almost four weeks, you will live like a national student. The dorm environment is more bare than a US dorm, with few creature comforts (no AC, no on-site shower). Your counterpart will have prior instruction in English, but communication can be difficult and tiring. We're focused on planting and nourishing seeds, sometimes in slow-growing soil. You should come with a patient and long-term perspective, yet be prepared to share the reason of your hope if there's opportunity.

We're looking for students with emotional, relational, and spiritual maturity who enjoy building deep relationships and work well on teams. Also, some of the national students are also studying Spanish. If you are a native or near-native Spanish speaker, your gift is needed!

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Quick Facts 2017

Dates: Mid June to beg og Aug (approx.)
Support Target:  $5000 (approx. includes STiM)
Application: Apply through STiM until Dec 1