Global Missions Programs

Encounter the kingdom of God, meet the global church, see yourself and your campus with new eyes.

At InterVarsity, Global Programs are opportunities for college students to participate firsthand in God’s work in a diverse and complex world. Since the 1970’s, these short-term, international mission journeys have sent students to serve and learn in more than a dozen countries each year. On a Global Program, you may participate in cultural and language exchange programs, serve with vulnerable populations and communities, minister alongside Christian brothers and sisters, or share the good news at college campuses overseas.

Experience may be the best teacher, but without purpose, it quickly fades away. The purpose of Global Programs is to share the good news of God’s kingdom in the world. And your Global Program doesn’t end when you step off the plane after your trip. When God expands your heart for what he is doing in the world, you’ll love your own campus in fresh ways.


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Encounter the kingdom of God all around the world with an InterVarsity Global Program.

The arrival of God's Kingdom is good news. Let us join Jesus as he brings his Kingdom to the urban poor. For more information about the Global Urban Trek, visit