The Transformed Life

Led by: Jonathan Tran


"You go to church and believe in God. But maybe it wouldn’t look all that different even if He wasn’t involved. Is this your current reality? Or maybe that of someone you know? Come and learn about the transformed life! Discover how the teachings of one man can radically transform your perspective on what it looks like to live a great life."

Others' Questions and Your Witness

Led by: Tim Phillips

Christian students are often terrified they will be asked questions about their faith they can't answer.  This seminar will help you appreciate sincerely asked questions and give you some handles on how to answer them. You can use others' questions as a way to share you faith.  No more fear, help is here!

Start Something New

Led by Ana Graves

Therefore GO and make disciples of ALL corners of your campus.  Is God asking you to GO and start something new this fall?? We want to equip YOU to GO to the unreached places on your campus. We will offer practical next steps on how to GO and make disciples in new communities of students on your campus or beyond.

Spiritual Conversations

Led by: Andy Wong and Josh Jang

Want to move friendly conversations about classes and sports to deeper things about life and faith? Want to move beyond fear and akwardness to courage to speak about Jesus? Come learn how to have Spiritual Conversations in everyday conversations!