Engaging in Missional Prayer

Led by: Peter Layman

Our foundation as a movement can be tied to diligent students praying together. The prayers we utter today are the seed for tomorrow’s revival. But how we change our prayer meetings from redundant, grueling, and petty to exciting, vision-building, and transformational? In this seminar, we will be learning how to lead and participate in group prayer that both changes us and the campus around us.

Me? A Missionary?

Led by: Emily Bowersox

Is there someone missing in your fellowship? Maybe it's the theatre students, the Filipinos, the gamers, the Thetas, or the baseball team. If you have a heart for a people group on your campus, then God might be inviting you to join Him in the work that He is doing there! At "Me? A Missionary?" you will gain practical tools, pray, plan, and be empowered to go and reach a new corner of campus!

Therefore Go

Led by: Walter Turner

It is easy on the campus, it seems harder after college. What does it look like to live for Jesus in every aspect of your life post college? Do I start a Bible Study at my workplace? Do I tithe? Where do I live? How do I engage my family, friends, neighbors and colleagues? From where you live, work, play, and go to church, come join us as we discuss these topics and make practical plans on how to transition out of college and into the “real world” as you head the call of Christ to Therefore Go!

Speaking of Jesus

Led by: Linson Daniel

The last thing that Jesus tells his disciples to do is "Therefore, Go"... And they did! This workshop will be fun and will help you be more equipped to engage spiritual conversations comfortably, to know what to do next if someone wants to hear more, and to be ready for what God wants to do through you in the lives of your family and friends.