Growing BCM

Walter Turner

In Texas alone, there are 37 public universities and over 30 private universities, with many others in Oklahoma and Arkansas. As of Fall 2016, InterVarsity Black Campus Ministry is only reaching 8 campuses. What an opportunity we have to reach more students in our region of Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas! We can participate in the historic gathering of BCM students to plan and propel BCM forward to see more black students join God’s mission to be One Body, Lived Out.

Black & Christian

Olayinka Obasanya

In this seminar, we will discuss the social, theological, and spiritual implications of being a black Christian on a PWI as well as an HBCU. We will also discuss how to navigate your faith through the hurdles you may likely face as a black Christian on your campus and how to stay true to the witness God has called you to.


Who's not in the room?

Jason Philipose

How can we live out the Acts 2 church in the setting of a college campus? Who is missing from our Black community? What steps will we go and bring others to the room? God has called each of us to play a part of the body of Christ to make Christ known. This seminar will be an opportunity to dream and plan for your campus on reaching more Black students and inviting them to Biblical community.

Justice Calling

Sosina Morgan

Are you passionate about a particular issue but don't know how to put that passion into action?

Justice, black lives, the poor... Those passions should be reflected in how you live. How do you go from just talking about these things - to actually doing the work? In this seminar we will talk about how to practically live out the passions you have.