Beyond Broke

Pastor Terrence Autry

Stewardship of Finances, Time, Relationships

Do you want to flourish in all parts of your life? In this seminar, we discuss how to do more than just make bank, manage your time, and be selective in choosing your relationships.

Beyond the 9 to 5

Dela Criss

Calling and Career

Does God care what you do for a living? In this seminar, we discuss the importance of knowing and discovering your calling and picking a career that is aligned with your gifts.

Beyond the Soup Kitchen

Dr. Jaime Kowlessar


How are you loving your neighbor as yourself? This seminar will be an opportunity to discuss faith, injustice, and how God may be inviting us to respond locally, nationally, and internationally.

Beyond the Emotional

Dwayne Payno

Deeper Scripture Interaction

Do you make spiritual decisions based on a proper understanding of scripture or your emotions? In this seminar we will discuss how the culture around us has shaped the way we see God’s word and how we us it to live our lives.

Beyond White Jesus

Dr. Brianna Parker

Investigating American Christianity

Can you trust Christianity? In this seminar we will discuss the history, hurt, and response of a “white” or colonized view of Christianity, and how it compares to what the Jesus intended for those who choose to follow Him.

Beyond the Mask

Pastor Ray Harmon

Mental Health

Have you learned to cope with difficult times, stress, anxiety, etc. by masking your emotions? In this seminar we will discuss what it means to remove the mask, become more aware of your emotions, and learn how to best manage them in a healthy way.

Beyond the Surface

John Vawar

Spiritual Formations

What does it mean to go deeper in God? In this seminar we will unpack and provide practical tips for what it means to experience transformation through the work of the Holy Spirit in your heart, soul, mind, body and spirit.

Beyond Infatuation

Branden and Ambre Walker

Healthy Christian Relationships

Do you want to strive to be more than just #RelationshipGoals? In this seminar we will discuss how to not just idolize another romantic situation from afar but to exemplify the beauty of a God-honoring relationship.