Casting Vision

Module 1

This module will teach you how to cast vision to new students that you meet on campus within a 30 second time frame. This training allows you to get to the core of why InterVarsity wants to start a new chapter without being boring or drawn out.It is essential to draw students into the vision when you start the planting process. Clear vision draws strong student leaders. After casting vision, it is vital to get new students’ contact information in order to follow up. Check out this video for more information.

Please watch the video below and use the following resources:

Campus Assignment #1

Craft your 30 second vision statement. Practice it over and over again. Try it on your friends. Get feedback and adjust. Your vision does not have to be perfect, but it should feel comfortable.

Now, head to campus and engage in significant conversations with every student that you meet! Ensure that you share the 30-second vision and end with an invitation to learn more.

Make sure to create a good contact card and gather information on interested students. Follow-up with these students within the next 24-48 hours. Set up meetings to cast more vision and get to know students better!