From the Mouth of Babes // India GP

    Phil Kurian

by Phil Kurian

Hello! All of us here in Delhi appreciate the support and prayers you have all sent our way and definitely couldn't have made it to this point without all of you so thank you! 

The past few weeks, we've had the pleasure of working at the children's ministry at one of the ministry sites that we have been helping with. It was enjoyable at first, teaching the kids songs and doing the actions along with them. Initially, it was stressful, but soon we got the hang of it. We were even able to teach them games like red-light-green-light, and duck-duck-goose despite the language barrier. One of the songs we taught the kids was, "Yes God is Good". It goes:

Yeshu Acha Hai // Yes, God is good
Yeshu Acha Hai // Yes, God is good
Yeshu Acha Hai // Yes, God is good
Acha Hai Mujhko // He's so good to me

Over time, my success grew to pride; keeping the kids engaged and teaching them songs/games were no easy tasks since we couldn't communicate effectively, but somehow we were able to do it. But after doing this for days, it had become exhausting. My patience was tested as we went in circle after circle of duck-duck-goose. My body and spirit wore down as these kids seemed to want to do nothing but just climb all over us and wrestle all over the place. After sometime, this "pleasure" of working with the children began feeling like a chore. I thought to myself, "what do I really think I'm doing here? What do I think I'm going to accomplish with these kids in such a short time?" I began feeling less and less motivated to work with the kids as the days went by. Its not easy or gratifying running around after kids who climb on cabinets and beat each other up while being drenched in sweat from our collared button-ups and khakis; this is not exactly the most glamorous of ministries. 

Though, it was in the midst of this exhaustion that God met me. While I was lying on the floor trying to gather my thoughts and figure out my next strategy for rounding the kids up, I heard one of the youngest kids sing this song. That's when I realized the importance of endurance and what it is we do here. Of course, I may not see extremely significant fruit in these few weeks but it's a process that goes at it's own pace with the help of the Holy Spirit. The time that we spend with the children is just a small part in the process, but still a part nonetheless. Hearing that little boy singing that song revitalized my soul and made me realize that even though he may not fully understand what he is singing, I can look forward to the day when he may finally intentionally sing words of praise to Jesus. Proverbs 22:6 says "Train a child up in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it". Even the littlest child is never too young to start training them to walk with Jesus. Granted, that little boy was roughhousing with three other kids while he was singing the song, but I definitely have gotten a new sense of value in what we do here. 

I look forward to our next few days with the children. Teaching them more songs about Jesus and just spending time with them. I really appreciate God opening my eyes and showing me how influential ministry work with children is despite the obstacles.

Content In All Things // India GP

We have been in India for a little less than a week now, and we have all experienced Christ in many ways. So for starters, half of our team was not able to join us on our trip because they were blacklisted from entering the country. I remember when we first heard the news there was an atmosphere of sadness and longing to be reunited with our team. It felt as though half our body had been separated from us. We all wondered how and why this happened. But a recurring theme we had been discussing is that God does not yield his glory. Even if his plans seem to be different than ours, His plans are always greater. He does what is best for us and now the rest of the team is on their way to Bangkok. How great is our Lord!

Delhi has been an absolute blessing so far. The first couple of days we were able to see the city and observe the people. There is a lot of darkness in the area but the light of Jesus triumphs all.  A theme Jesus has taught me this week is that he is my hope and my joy. This past week, we were able to visit a slum children's ministry in Rohini. Upon entering the ministry, we were greeted by over 150 children and no electricity. Our clothes were drenched and our water bottles were empty by the end of the two hours. The electricity kept going on and off but every time it appeared the children would clap and cheer loudly. Never have I clapped for electricity, but for these children, it was a luxury. However when the electricity would shut off the children were not moaning or complaining. The children were happy when there was electricity but not angry when it was gone. This was really mind blowing to me. The verse that kept coming to my head was when Paul says

"I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want." Philipians 4:12.

The way these children sang worship songs to Jesus even if it meant sitting in a crowded room without fans, was truly humbling. The Lord reminded me that in him and in his love I could be content, despite the situation at hand. Blessed be the name of the Lord when things are going good or bad.


Jennifer Joseph

Texas Women's University