How to get the most out of Urbana!

by Ana Graves

Prepare your heart now!  If you haven’t started the Matthew Challenge, I encourage to begin reading through Matthew to prepare your heart for what God has to speak to you at Urbana!  The few days before Urbana, will be very full of holiday activity, set aside 10 to 20 minutes from 12/20-12/27 to be alone, meditate on God’s word and ready your heart for what he has to tell you at Urbana15!

What to bring with you:

  • Bible
  • Pens
  • Journal
  • Warm Clothes (its for real cold in St.Louis!) - Warm Jacket, Gloves, Hat, Scarf. Clothes for 5 to 6 days (depending on how you’re traveling!!)  B/c we’re from Texas, we tend to bring TOO many warm clothes out of fear of freezing.  Limit your packing to just what you need
  • PJs
  • Toiletries
  • Comfortable shoes for walking and remember it could SNOW!
  • Spending Money for meals, books and other things you might find while you’re there. 

What to expect while you’re there:

“Learning God’s Story”: Some of the best Bible Study leaders from InterVarsity will be facilitating this time.  You will want to plan to be up early enough to go these sessions. It really will be rich time in the Word.

Meals:  Your responsible for all your meals on Dec 27th and lunches on Dec 28th-31st.  Plan where you’ll eat lunch according to what you’ll be doing each afternoon.  Lunch places will be VERY crowded, so plan accordingly.  One way to save time is to go to a grocery store and get food for lunch.  The closest is Culinaria @ 315 N 9th St, St. Louis, MO 63101.

Seminars & Sessions:  Before getting to Urbana, look over the schedule, seminar options and special gathering times.

Places for quiet:  There will be prayer reflection rooms set up in the Convention Center.  I would encourage taking one slot of time off at least two days of the conference for reflection, sleep and or time alone.  

Lounges:  There are ethnic specific, arts ministry, Catholic, and other lounges available.  Look over the options for places and choose one time slot to go to one of the lounges in order to process the conference from different perspectives.

Exhibit Hall:  Hundreds of mission’s agencies, seminaries and other non-profits will be available all week! Go to Urbana’s website and login to your account to peruse different organizations you might want to talk to.

Bookstore:  There will be MANY books available to buy.  Every day there is a book of the day that is significantly marked down in cost.  Bring money to buy books and other paraphernalia.  I encourage you to limit yourself on how much you buy.  Remember you have to take home everything you buy! 

Prayer Ministry:  There will also be rooms during seminar times where you can receive prayer ministry.  Take advantage of this opportunity.  While at a conference like this, there are always things that get stirred up emotionally and spiritually.  It’s a gift to have space to receive prayer from trained prayer ministers.   

Room Huddles:  Processing what you’re learning during the conference will be integral to applying what you’ve learned as you leave the conference.  Be intentional to make space for these times.

Urbana Schedule