Invisible & Voiceless by Grace Corley

This week our SAUP family focused on justice, and we learned about different groups of people who suffer under systemic injustice in the United States. My group focused on the homeless community, and our journey took us to broken places where people were deprived of their most basic needs. As I talked to these humans, and names and faces started replacing the generalizations about homeless people I had gathered in my mind, I started seeing how many of them craved human connection. They were eager to tell their stories and seemed grateful for someone to sit across the table from them listen. These are the people whose stories go unheard, because they are often invisible and voiceless in society. 

There was Eduardo, who didn't know the difference between fantasy and reality. He told me vivid stories about hunting zombies, and when I left the table, he kept talking to the air like someone was still there. I asked him what he was planning to do in the future, and he said, "I've tried everything." The words "get a job" and "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" do not begin to help Eduardo, because clearly his needs are much deeper.

We didn't go to these places and learn about injustices so we could be anyone's savior. There's nothing we could do in an afternoon, or even a lifetime, to fix the problem of sin in the world. Eduardo and I crossed paths for only a short time, and there was little I could do besides commend him to the care of our God, who knows and loves Eduardo better than anyone in the world. I trust that God has been with him long before I met him, and will continue to be with him for his whole life. Our SAUP family is commissioned to do the Lord's work in our community, at our ministry sites, and wherever God takes us, but Jesus is the only one who can bring true healing.

Grace Corley
IV @ Trinity University