She Chose Atheism Over Her Faith by Cal Balmos

Cal & Cassie Balmos

Cal & Cassie Balmos

In May of 2016, I traveled to Stillwater to spend a day at OSU. My goal was to gain familiarity with the campus by "Spying Out the Land". I talked with students and faculty, and I found some popular hangout spots and made observations. The key question I wanted to answer that day was: "Is there a spiritual need here for InterVarsity?" In other words, "Does God want me to come here and reach out to His people on this campus?"

God used a young woman I met on campus that day and the conversation we had to answer my question very directly. She was a senior at OSU and preparing to graduate. I explained what I was doing there that day, and she opened up and shared some of her spiritual journey with me. She had been a Christian most of her life. She grew up going to church with her family, and she considered herself a Christian when she arrived at OSU as a freshman in 2012. However, the friends she made and the new environment she was a part of influenced her significantly, and she chose atheism over her faith in Jesus in 2013.

God's answer was "Yes, My people here are in need. This daughter of Mine is not the only one being influenced in this way. I want you, Cal, to come here and love them. I want you to come here, equipped with My Word and My Spirit, to transform lives for My sake."

Fifteen months later, I am here. My family and I are officially residents of Stillwater, OK!

Welcome Week at OSU begins next week. Pray for us!

Cal Balmos

InterVarsity Staff @ Oklahoma State University