Sabbath & Spiritual Formation by Josh David & Kyla Smith

 SAUP Week 2

Greetings family and friends!

I'm proud to share that being here in San Antonio has not made me into a Spurs fan! My SAUP family and I are all experiencing God at work.  We've all been physically, mentally and even spiritually challenged.  Stepping out of our comfort zones with each other for seven weeks will force us to rely on God. 

So far, my favorite memory from SAUP was spending my Sabbath day with the SAUP crew.  It was probably my first time exercising Sabbath for the whole day!  The Sabbath demands trust and faith from God.  Our Sabbath also included a lot of space for reflection.  Spending all that time with God, the SAUP family, eating (probably my favorite thing to do!), playing games, singing songs, talking about life, sharing what the Lord has done in our lives so far and resting from our first week working at our different ministry sites was great.  Since that Sabbath, I've already constructed a schedule for after this mission trip to continue practicing the Sabbath in my life in college.

It's been amazing to see and hear the great things God is doing in the community of San Antonio and our community here at SAUP.  Please pray for us as we continue to try to reflect Christ as a community.

Josh David
University of North Texas

One of the very first things I learned at SAUP was what spiritual formation actually was.  Spiritual formation is the process of being conformed to the image of Christ for the sake of others.  When living in a community, your spiritual formation plays a very important role.  Still, we have to realize that it comes in steps (it's a process!) and we must follow those steps in order to truly live in the Kingdom of God.

The first step is realizing it is a process.  When God brings you into a different setting, you cannot expect it to be easy or even the same as other times.  The second step is to be conformed. You won't just be conformed to Him on the inside, but also on the outside.  The third step is to be an image bearer of Christ.   You will have to remember that God is changing you to do the work of His Kingdom.  The people we are meant to interact with need us to be the image bearers of Christ so that when they see us, they see Christ as well.  It is for the sake of others that we are conformed into the image of Christ.  

So far my journey has been nothing but eye opening to be able to see what God is doing on the East side of San Antonio as I work with Servant Partners.  From the people I intern with to the people we encounter daily - I see God in new ways.  I'm thankful for this opportunity!

Kyla Smith
Texas Southern University