Experiencing Injustice by Dhara Patel

Night of Lament for injustice in the world, SAUP 2016

Night of Lament for injustice in the world, SAUP 2016

 SAUP week 3

Why?  Why do bad things happen?  During the week of exploring justice, this was the question running through my mind and still does sometimes.  We learned about the working poor, immigrants and the homeless community and were given the opportunity to learn and experience more about each group.  I learned more about the homeless community because I already knew some information on the working poor and immigrants since my parents were part of both.  

I remember being scared that my parents would be taken away from me or that we wouldn't have enough money for dinner because of those situations that were at hand.  I was the only one in my immediate family born in the U.S., so I always felt I would be left alone.  The feeling of loneliness really hit home this week because it made me realize how much more the homeless community lives in isolation.  When I was walking around communities where the homeless congregate in San Antonio, most people were alone, without anyone.  When people asked me how I was taking everything in regarding the homeless community, I was at a loss for words.  I felt like I was wearing a pair of sunglasses that kept blocking the light from me that Jesus intended for me to see.  

After I got the chance to debrief with a staff, I was able to see God's promises at work in all His people  I was able to see the hope and joy through trials and tribulations.  Everyone has their own set of troubles, and we are here to show that light is possible to attain.  God is not doing the injustice, instead, He is waiting for us to do something about those injustices.

Dhara Patel
Texas A&M Thrive