Reconciliation & Confession // SAUP Week 3

Mid-project retreat in Uvalde

Mid-project retreat in Uvalde

This past week we went on a mid-project retreat to a little town in Texas called Uvalde. During the retreat we had time to reflect and remember what God has done not only on this trip but in our lives. We talked a lot about what reconciliation looks like as a community and towards God, and learned about the importance of confession and praying for one another.

For me, I felt like the retreat was a time for praise because I had the chance to remember the love and the beauty of God’s restoring hand. I know within my own walk I have been able to receive freedom through confessing.  I know confession may be hard because it is basically letting someone in your community know that you are not all put together and can even be embarrassing sometimes, but through your confession you can feel the bondages breaking and God’s grace flowing. Also, through your confession it could cause a great chain reaction of breaking bondages of sin and bringing freedom within your community. Having that in mind, it is very encouraging and a beautiful picture of believing that sin has no hold on us.

Another beautiful picture is God’s ability to take something we see as hopeless and restoring it into something amazing, revealing His loving power. The reason why I find beauty in the damaged is the fact that you can clearly see that it is not us who do but it is God’s transforming hand. I can see so much hope in knowing that no matter what, our God is faithful and that He watches over every single one of us.  It was really great to just reflect and recall that our God is powerful, loving, and moving. 

A special thanks to the Titus family for hosting us and showing us a picture of God's hospitality & generosity!

Crystal Meija