God can use a loaf of bread

As God seeks reconciliation of the world, it amazes me the way He chooses to do it.  One way He does it is by using some college students, the elderly, and some bread.

This story starts during Spring Break 2013.  Students came from different college campuses in San Antonio to be a part of the San Antonio Urban Project (SAUP).  SAUP was a project focused on seeing students and faculty transformed by the Gospel, seeking renewal of our campuses and city by the Gospel, and developing world changers who will be advocates of the Gospel, especially through partnership with ministries within San Antonio.

Fast forward to this summer.  A student, “Eric”, decides to invest his summer by partnering with the same ministry he worked with during SAUP, Heart for the Neighborhood (HFTN).  Heart for the Neighborhood is an organization that serves the Edgewood district on the Westside of San Antonio, one of the poorest neighborhoods in the country. The organization believes that only real and lasting change will happen in Edgewood when the peoples’ hearts are changed and filled by Jesus Christ.  One avenue HFTN does this is by building relationships and sharing Christ with the elderly in the neighborhood by delivering donated bread to them on a weekly basis.

What’s more is that God impacted Eric’s life so much during SAUP that he decided to extend his witness of God’s power at HFTN to his friends in the fellowship.  Now, 6-8 students go each week to the West side of San Antonio to extend Christ’s love and be a part of Christ’s mission there.  God using some college students, the elderly, and some bread.But God had more.  ”Maria” was one of the students invited by Eric to HFTN.  Several weeks later, after hearing about their daughter’s involvement with HFTN, Maria’s parents wanted to see what it was all about.  Now, Maria’s parents also go and volunteer weekly on one of the bread routes, engaging in spiritual conversations with the people on their route…in Spanish!  Praise God.

These were Maria’s parents, who were invited by Maria, who was invited by Eric, who simply took a step of faith and attended the InterVarsity San Antonio Urban Project over Spring Break, finding HFTN.  Wow, God is good.

When God is reconciling the world to Himself, and one person (Eric) grabs a hold of the power of His truth, it is impossible not to be a witness to His power.  Over and over in the early church in Acts, we see this happening:  the early believers consistently being witnesses of God’s power, ultimately leading to thousands of new believers and people reconciled back to God.

And what’s funny is that God can use a loaf of bread to accomplish His reconciling work in the world.  That piece of bread brought college students, their parents, missionaries, and some elderly in a neighborhood together to display His miraculous power.  This same God uses 18-22 year olds to witness about His reconciling work on college campuses: the centers of culture-change and societal influence!  Imagine the ways God is going to renew our campuses this next school year, as these students have encountered a life-changing, reconciling God this summer and have been witnesses to everyone around them.