We want to plant at ACC! Please contact us if you are interested or have any student leads.

The ACC System is the second largest institution of higher learning in Central Texas. Over 50,000 students go through classes each year at locations that stretch over 10 campuses. 

Why plant at ACC?

  • You will make an impact on the city! Contrary to many other institutions where students are from another place, almost all ACC students are local and already deeply rooted in Austin. The impact you will make will have a direct and lasting impact in the city. 
  • You will work with a student body from diverse backgrounds and life experiences. 
  • IV has the potential to very quickly become the social center of both the campus and for many students. The idea and expression of community can be seen as an afterthought at most community colleges, but a strong student movement can easily change the campus in a short amount of time.

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